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Seville, 04 - 07, April 2024

Image of Flag Parade
Group of people during the Flag Parade of EGM Bucharest 2023

Flag Parade

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The Flag Parade is one of the highlights of the Erasmus Generation Meeting Seville 2024, symbolising the unity and diversity of the Erasmus Generation. The participants proudly carry flags representing their countries. As the parade makes its way next to the Gualdalquivir, the colours of the Erasmus Generation flutters in the breeze and creates a spectacle of multiculturalism and togetherness.

Image of EGM Expo
Posters to promote Erasmus destinations

EGM Expo

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The EGM Expo is an opportunity for organisations of the Erasmus Student Network to promote mobility programmes and opportunities existing at the Higher Education Institutions in their countries. The Mobility Fair also offers space to young people to learn more about mobility programmes and opportunities in Europe and find their next mobility destination.