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You have questions and we have answers.

What is EGM?

EGM or Erasmus Generation Meeting is an international conference where the Erasmus Generation will come together to learn and discuss different topics related to the new Erasmus+ programme and the future of mobility.

Who can attend the event?

Only volunteers of Erasmus Student Network have the right to register for the event. Registering for the event does NOT guarantee you a spot. ESN AISBL and the organising committee are NOT responsible for country spot distribution. For more information about spot distribution, contact your national organisation.

How do I register?

Go to and login with your ESN account. Fill out all the required information and click register.

What does the participation fee include?

  • Learning opportunities - workshops, sessions, discussions and more;
  • Opportunity to meet our partners and stakeholders;
  • Entrance to the Mobility Fair;
  • Entrance to the Career Fair;
  • Meals (lunch, coffee breaks, dinner);
  • Social programme and networking opportunities;
  • Chance to meet international and local students from Porto;
  • Transportation to the gala evening on Sunday;
  • Flag parade to unite all of Europe and beyond!

When and how do I pay?

Please remember that you should pay as soon as you are assigned a spot , not earlier and no later than the 18th of January, a week after the registration deadline closes. Payment method information will be available after registrations close.